Who we are

We are experienced entrepreneurs and senior executives with a passion for seeing great ideas, with positive social impact, succeed.

What we’re looking for

We back strong teams that have a clear vision of how their business will grow and bring affordable, sustainable, warmth to more homes. Specifically, companies that have:

  • a genuine sustainability and fuel poverty impact,
  • high growth potential,
  • a product/service, with distinctive IP, in development or as an MVP,
  • a clear exit strategy,
  • a minimum of two entrepreneurs.

What we do

  • Seed and Early Stage Investing – debt or equity
  • Regular contact/feedback with experienced executives
  • Offer our own unique experience of social impact entrepreneurship

Let’s create a sustainable future, together

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Our Portfolio


Thermulon develops aerogels for building insulation.
Aerogels are the most insulating materials known to man.

Thermulon’s aerogels are the first to beat the trade-off between fire-safety, thermal performance and price.


Switchee makes maintaining your properties simple and straight forward with remove tools that allow you to check a property’s condition, analyse problems and schedule fixes all in one place.


AirEx is a smart ventilation control.
Sensors measure temperature, humidity and air quality. Smart algorithms enable automatic air flow regulation, while taking into account local weather and air quality data.

Trojan Energy

Trojan Energy developed the Trojan Electric Vehicle Charging System. Flat and flush on street EV charging points for properties that don’t have off the street parking.

Our Portfolio