About us

At Ebico Innovation, we combine our expertise in investment management with an extensive experience of the UK’s energy retail sector and fighting fuel poverty. This unique blend of expertise enables us to support technologies promising to not only decarbonise but also to usher in low-carbon solutions for British homes.

With a focus on Net-Zero and Low-Carbon Cleantech pre-seed and seed investments, we offer both debt and equity support to ambitious UK innovative businesses. We support businesses that:

  • Aim to revolutionise the affordability and accessibility of Net-Zero and low-carbon living for British households.
  • Demonstrate a strong potential for robust growth.
  • Bring to the table an innovative product or service, underpinned by unique IP—whether it’s still in the development phase or already showcased as an MVP.
  • Provide a clear and strategic exit plan.
  • Consist of at least two founders.

At Ebico Innovation, we hold to the firm belief that realising a Net Zero and a low-carbon future for the UK is entirely achievable but depends upon all British households having access to affordable and cost-effective carbon-lowering products and services. 

But our support is not limited just to financial backing. We take immense pride in being proactive impact investors; offering guidance and hands-on support to the businesses we support.

Join us in our mission, as together, we pave the way for a sustainable, comfortable and low-carbon future for all households in the UK.

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