Ebico Trust

Established in 2008, the Ebico Trust believes that sustainable living should be within reach for every household, irrespective of their financial means. Funded by the financial surpluses from Ebico Living, the Trust is dedicated to ensuring the UK’s net zero race and technologies are both inclusive and just.

At the heart of the Trust’s ethos is innovation. Recognising the crucial role of groundbreaking solutions in making sustainable options accessible, the Ebico Trust commits to nurturing, encouraging, and supporting entrepreneurs. These forward-thinkers are entrusted with the mission of developing new products and services, making Net Zero choices both practical and affordable for lower-income families.

By 2023, the Ebico Trust had committed over £2 million to various initiatives which aided low income households across England, Scotland and Wales. The Trust’s aim is to ensure that the journey to a Net Zero Carbon Britain is both effective and fair, ensuring no household is left behind.

If you are very early Net Zero innovator and not quite ready for an investment. Check if you could benefit from any of the active Ebico Trust grant programmes.